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2010 EDITION !!!

The Official 2010 Moon Township.(PA) American Legion Baseball Update.



William E. Henefeld


It has been a long time since I updated this website. This morning I lost a very dear friend. The kind you treasure for the rest of your life. In life you meet many people. Some you never see again. Some others occasionally. Some are with you always. It was the summer of 1985 when I first got to meet Bill Henefeld. Henny was coaching an all-star tournament team at a tournament out in Hopwood. My crazy buddy, Lou Baniecki, dragged me out there to see his son playing.

There he was, this wild and crazy guy coaching first base. Sure, I had seen him coaching younger teams in previous years at Moon Park. I had heard his name mentioned at board meetings. (Not usually in a good sense though, LOL ;) ). I knew him, but not personally. Watching the game, I watched him yell, scream, stomp and chew out umpires. Oh my, this guy is crazy. His reputation from other baseball coaches was spot on. After the game, Louie introduced him to me as Bill. Bill grabbed my hand and proceeded to tell how much he respected me and my involvement with the HS baseball program. He told me his friends called him "Hen" and please call him that.

Well, I did not see him much after that. In the spring of 1986, one of my fellow coaches on the HS team, Jim Miara, asked me if I would be interested in helping coach the Moon American Legion team. I was very reluctant. I had just spent a long spring with the HS team and our team had just lost the WPIAL Class AAA championship game and was not sure I wanted to spend a summer coaching. I promised Jimmy that I would at least come out and say "HI" and look at the team. The next day I arrived at the field to see Bill hitting infield practice. I said to Jimmy, what is that crazy guy doing here?

Hen came over to me and again shook my hand and pleaded with me to help the team. Little did I know that this crazy guy would become one of this people that would influence your life forever. On that day, I made another friend for life. This morning, Wednesday October 17th, I lost that very dear friend to cancer. God Bless you, William "Hen" Henefeld. I am so dearly going to miss you. You were like a brother to me. Yes, you drove me crazy at times. But I cherished every moment of it. Love you buddy!!! My prayers and deepest sympathies and love to his wife, Barb, and his sons, Derek and Dave Henefeld.


Hi everyone! I truly apologize for the discontinuation of this website. Between losing my mother on June 6th, 2010 and lack of communication between the new Moon Twp. Legion manager and myself (not his fault, I take sole responsibility for this). I did not have the time nor the heart to maintain a daily site.

Below, is a link that is maintained by Pat Reilly from Sto-Rox. It has all of the scores from this season's Ohio River League. Please patronize Pat's site. Again, I apologize for the discontinuation of this site. Hopefully, in the future, I'll be able to return to it. Thank you to all of you that have followed our boys on this website. Your support has been truly appreciated over the past 12 seasons!!! Take care and God Bless!!

2010 Ohio River League: Information regarding the 2010 ORL American Legion Baseball

2010 PA Region 6 & Allegheny County Playoffs: Information regarding the 2010 ACLDE Tournament and Region 6 Tourney American Legion Baseball

I need your help. I am looking for all players to have ever suited up for a Moon Township American Legion team since 1978. I am currently working on a project and want to make contacts with all of these players. In this time frame, we had players from Moon Area, West Allegheny, Sewickley Academy, OLSH, and Cornell. If you are one of these players or know one of them, please contact by email :

Joseph Douglas Marek
Upland, PA. 19015

Please note, I am NOT looking to solicit or use any one's contact information. I am just trying to prepare a history of the Moon Township American Legion program from 1978 to present. I am also looking to find the scorebooks from the following years :

1979 - 1983 - 1984 - 1985 - 1986 - 1988 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006

The latter five seasons I may be able to acquire, however the books the previous years may be long gone. If any knows, Andy Kortyna, Gene Veytovich, Mike Hughes, or Fred Taylor, please let them know I am looking for those scorebooks, rosters, and/or stat sheets. These gentlemen were the Legion Managers during the mid-80's. I thank you all in advance in this matter.

The 2007 Allegheny County/PA Region 6 American Legion Baseball Homepage

The 2007 Allegheny Co./PA Region 6 ALB Homepage is NOW UP AND RUNNING. You can follow all the PA ALB REGION 6 Action on it with results from Allegheny, Beaver, and Fayette Counties :

Alleg.Co./PA Region 6 ALB Homepage 2007 : Information regarding PA, Region 6, and Allegheny Co. American Legion Baseball

The 2007 Allegheny County/PA Region 6 American Legion Baseball Homepage

The 2007 Allegheny Co./PA Region 6 ALB Homepage is under reconstruction. You can follow it's progress as I add the Master schedules to it at this link :

Alleg.Co./PA Region 6 ALB Homepage 2007 : Information regarding PA, Region 6, and Allegheny Co. American Legion Baseball

Great page written by W.A. Head Baseball Coach and former Moon Twp. A.L.B. player, Bryan Cornell about another Moon Twp ALB and WA baseball standout, Scott Patterson.

Where are they now ? : Great page about former Moon Township Legion and West Allegheny H.S. Baseball player Scott Patterson by Bryan Cornell

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Moon Twp. Legion Baseball 1999 : The ARCHIVED edition of the 1999 Moon Legion Homepage

The New Pa State Region 6/Allegheny County American Legion Baseball Homepage that I promised Region 6 Director Bob Hester last year is now up and running. All updates from here on outwill be exclusively on this website. I have also added photos from the game on that site. Please go there by clicking this handy link :

Alleg. Co/ PA.Region 6 : Official news, scores, and schedules from Allegheny County and PA State Region 6 American Legion Baseball playoffs

The Moon Township Little League Baseball has created a new site to promote Moon Township Community baseball on the "NET. Frank Wheeler is the Webmaster of the site, click the link here to access the site. Moon Township Little League.:Official Site of Moon Township Little League Baseball Site

An article, I just finally read on January 18th - From August 5th,1999 Beaver County Times....... IT WAS FITTING.: Moon Twp. vs. Hopewell Story by Bill Utterback

For a look back at the Moon Legion's Scores, Schedule, and 1999 ORL Final Standings just click here 1999 Moon Twp.Legion Schedule, Scores, & Standings.: 1999 INFORMATION


Tournament Play - ... In 1998, Moon Twp. participated in the Blissfield, Michigan Tournament which featured State Champs from Michigan, Ohio, Maryland and Illinois. Moon defeated host Blissfield. Moon finished 1-2, but looked at this as being the building block for this year's run at the State title. In tournament play, the Moon Legion has a tremendous past history. Winning the 1980 Roberto Clemente Tournament. Winning the 1991, 1992, and 1993 Edinboro (Pa.) University American Legion Tournament and The Jason Humbart Wierton,W.Va. Tournament in 1991. Moon finished second in the Edinboro Tounament in 1994. Moon also did well in St.Francis (Fort Wayne,Indiana) College Tournament in 1994, third place out of eight teams.

About the Program - ....

Welcome to the home page for the Moon Township, Pa. American Legion Baseball Team.

The 2009 Moon Legion Baseball Team finished 16-2 in the regular season and in first place in the Ohio River League in Allegheny County,Pa. This is part of Pennsylvania State Region 6.

The Moon Twp. Legion team draws players only from the Moon Area School District.

The Moon Township American Legion has a very sucessful tradition. Winning the Ohio River League title in 1981, 1999 , 2000 and 2009 and the Allegheny County West title in 1991. Moon has also been to the Allegheny County playoffs in 1981 - 1987 - 1989 - 1990 - 1991 - 1992 - 1993 - 1994 - 1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2004 - 2007 - 2008 -2009.

Moon Township also had the honor of hosting and competing in the 1994 Pennsylvania State Region 6 Tournament.

In 1999, Moon Twp. won the Pa. Region 6 Title defeating Mount Lebanon in the championship game, 14-10 in one of the most greatest and exciting comebacks and games that I have ever witnessed and advanced to the 1999 Pennsylvania State Championships in St. Mary's, PA. Moon would eventually lose both games in the Double Elimination tourney

The 2009 Moon Twp. Legion team is sponsored in whole by Moon Twp. Little League Baseball Inc.. It's current president is John Hertzer and our Colt/Legion Commissioner is Tom Ware.

Our Pa.State Region 6 Director is Bill "Homer" Holmes, Our Sectional Director is Bob Bizyak, and the County director is . The Ohio River League Commissioner is Pat Riley Sr.

The Official History of MOON TOWNSHIP American Legion Baseball

by Joe Marek and the late Lynn Baker

The Moon Township American Legion Program began in 1964, when the newly founded Moon Twp. Baseball Association began looking for a way for the older kids to continue to play. In 1965, Moon Twp. won their league, the Allegheny County League title, and the Region 6 title to advance to the PA. ALB State Championships in Allentown by beating Washington, PA, 6-3 on Thursday August 12 in the title series. Moon scored 5 runs in the first inning of that game. Moon had a Legion program until 1969, when lack of interest folded the program. For the next several years Moon Kids were forced to play baseball in neighboring Robinson Township.

In 1978, the late Lynn Baker, who was very instrumental in the success of the MBA, decided to ressurrect the Legion program in Moon Township. Lynn was tired of seeing our players treated as second hand citizens on Robinson Township's legion team. Lynn sought and was granted a franchise and was backed and financially supported by the Moon Twp. Baseball Association. Ray Bosetti coached the first year of the program. Jack Rodgers took the program in 1979. Lynn decided to try his hand with managing the program, along with late Ray Walker, Jim Liska, Joe Farquhar and Joe Marek, coached from 1980 to 1982. In 1980, the team won the prestigious Allegheny Co. Roberto Clemente Legion Baseball Tournament. In 1981, the boys advanced into the first round of the Allegheny Co. League playoffs and lost to South Park, 2-0, in the best-of-three series. Gene Vetovich and Mike Hughes coached the boys in 1983 and 1984. Andy Kortyna took over the team in 1985.

Fred Taylor became the manager of the program in 1986 and 1987. Fred's coaching staff in those years included Jim Miara, Bill Henefeld, and Joe Marek. In 1987, Moon Twp. would clinch a playoff spot in the Allegheny County playoffs. Again, they lost in the first round to Springdale and Mount Lebanon. In 1988, Fred decided to give the program to former Little Pirate Head Coach George Schmidt. 1988 became a dark year for the franchise, Schmidt would run into problems and almost folded the team midway through the season. Enter Bill Henefeld who was released by Taylor when he gave the team to Schmidt. Along with Lou Baniecki, George and Bill got team back on it's feet and finished the season.

In 1989, Bill Henefeld was given the Legion program for his efforts in saving the program. Along with Lou Baniecki and re-recruited Joe Marek, the Moon Township Legion program began a new era. Also in 1989, West Allegheny folded their franchise, which left WA kids without a place to play. The Allegheny County American Legion rezoned Moon's area and awarded the WA players to Moon. This would in years to come be a blessing. Moon was starting to experience a player shortage. With WA, the team would survive and to florish. In 1989, Moon began a playoff run. In 1991, they would win the Alleg. Co. West League title and advanced to the Dbl. Elim. Alleg. Co. playoffs where they were eventually eliminated by the Pa. State ALB Champions, North Allegeny, 3-1. In 1992, Rick Stetzer (1992-1995) joined the team's staff as a pitching coach.

From 1989 to 1995, Henefeld managed the program to great success. In 1995, following a disappointing fifth place finish and the death of Lynn Baker*, Henefeld's mentor and the program's and team's dearest friend. Bill decided to hang up the reins of the program. One of Bill's previous assistants, Dom Santeufemio, was named as his replacement. Along with long time assistant Legion coach Joe Marek, the Moon Legion Program continued to strive and be successful. (* - A note about Lynn in passing, he was one of the founding fathers of the Moon Township Baseball Association. He was more than a coach, board member, and president. Lynn gave his life to the Moon Baseball programs. From umping, to working the concession stands. From coaching to fixing a player's glove, Lynn was the heart of the association.)

During, Henefeld's tenure as manager, he had a tremendous support from some outstanding short term assistant coaches which included, Tony Rea (1990-91), Thomas Bayly (1991-92), Joe Nestor (1993), and the late George W. Thomas, Jr. (1994-1995). In 1996 and 1997, Dom and Joe pretty much keep the team flowing on the same strong keel that Henefeld had. With the help of business manager Rich Krane and pitching coach, Jason Melynchek. Moon continued it's playoff run.

In 1998, Dom brought in Tom Hoffman as an assistant coach. In 1999, Santeufemio stepped down from the manager's job and along with Joe Marek retired. On recommendation from Santeufemio, Marek, and Legion Commissioner Rich Krane, Tom Hoffman was named as the new manager. On March 4th, 1999, Legion Commissioner and Business Manager Rich Krane died leaving a very devastating loss to both the association and the Legion. Both Santeufemio and Marek returned to the team as assistants to Tom, as one of Rich's last requests. In March, Bill Kelley, was named Legion Commissioner.

In April, Hoffman and Marek both nominated Santeufemio as Business Manager at a Legion Meeting. The Summer Of 1999, would be a special one, Moon Twp. for the first time in its history advanced out of the County playoffs and into the Region 6 playoffs. They then proceeded to win their first Pa. State Region 6 title and end up in St.Marys, PA for the Pa. State ALB Championship Tournament. In 2000, Moon returned to win the ORL, but lost quickly in the County playoffs due to being undermanned when more than half their starters took off to Florida to play in a AAU tournament. The results were ugly as Moon, who was the favorite to win the Region and the state went two and out. Long time assistant coach, Joe Marek, officially retired to pursue a new life of being married and moving to Philly.

Also, following the 2000 season, Hoffman resigned as manager to focus on the Moon Area H.S. Baseball program and his son's little league tournament team. Along with him, Dom Santeufemio also retired. In February, 2001, Mark Thompson is named as the new A.L. manager, thus the beginning of another era of Moon Legion Baseball. Moon finishes fourth in the ORL, but qualify for the Allegheny County A.L. Dbl. Elimination Tournament in 2001.

Moon Legion again making another run at a coveted Region 6 berth. They open the 2002 Allegheny County A.L. Dbl.-Elim. tourney with a loss to Plum. But had managed to reel off 4 wins in a row in the loser's bracket to advance to the Loser's bracket Championship game against Shaler. Moon lost to Shaler, 7-0, and finished fourth in Allegheny County with 19-6-1 record.

In February 2003, Mark Thompson relinquished the manager's position. In March, Mark Daddi, an assistant varsity coach on the Moon H.S. team to Tom Hoffman, is named to replace Thompson. Moon Legion Baseball continues on. However, after suffering through injuries and defections, the 2003 team finished with it's worst season ever. In 2004, despite qualifying for the playoffs under Mark Thompson. The team had problems with player numbers and even were placed under probation.

In 2005, Dave Barchie takes the helm as manager with Ken Sofranko and Frank Sorosky as his coaches. In 2006, Frank and Dave change roles. We look to the future and hope they will provide the leadership and dedication this program needs. In 2006, Frank Sorosky guided the team to a 7-14 campaign and may be retiring. I wish Frank nothing but the best in his future decision. !!!

In 2007, the MTLL Board was forced to look outside its membership to find a manager. They hired Dare Kiriloff. However, the day before the season is to begin, he literally "DUMPS" the team back in the MTLL's lap. Now faced withan emergency situation. The board reached out and dragged former Moon Twp. ALB Manager, Dom Santeufemio out of retirement. Hopefully, on such short notice, he can put the team back on the map. Good luck Dom !!! Dom did manage to get an assistant coach in Doug Busch. The team would advance to the Allegheny Co. Playoffs by finishing in third place in the ORL. In the playoffs, they went 1-2.

In 2008, Dom picked up the reins to team again and managed to finish in second place to West Allegheny by only a half a game. They entered the A.C. playoffs and finished, 2-2. Though Dom is considering this his last season and heading back into Legion baseball retirement. I am confident that the team will survive and continue on the legacy that Lynn Baker started in 1978.

In 2009, Dom again guided the the team to Allegheny County playoffs and won the Ohio River League title with a record of 16-2.

It deeply saddens me to announce the passing of a great man, a good friend, and mentor to me over the past thirty years. Region 6 Director, Bob Hester has passed away at the age of 68. Our condolences to Bob's wife Cathy and his sons, Robert G., Thomas, Dennis, and Donald and their families.

It saddens me to find out only recently a dear friend of mine that coached the Crafton-Ingram-Thornburg American Legion team for many years back in the late 80's and early 90's passed away last September 11, 2005. His name was Ray Marshall. Bill Henefeld and me used to refer to him as Field Marshall. Ray was a super guy. In his latter years, he had actually been named as a League Director for the Ohio River League. Ray died of cancer. I will never forget him and his assistant coach and drinking buddy, "DOC".

Another friend of American Legion Baseball was John Bartok. John was an umpire and later the Allegheny County American Legion Chairman. God Bless both these men and the service to the American Legion Baseball program.

This page was created in April, 1998 and updated on 10/17/12 at 8:45 PM. A great new 3season with great new leadership now showing at a baseball field near you. This Home Page published by NHM Publications...a Mav Brothers Inc. Subsidiary

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You are Moon Legion Fan No. Thanks and Keep coming back !

Joseph Douglas Marek
Upland, PA. 19015

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