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..... WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL HOME OF THE U.S.B.A.A. and SNOOPY CUP STREET ..... We are the Bad Boys and Girls of Backgammon .... We give the game a bad name !!! .....Rookie Peter Swartwout wins Snoopy Cup 30 ..... (EVERYBODY SING !) ..... Come and get laid, everything's not OK, on our way to where the beer is near. Can you tell US how to get, HOW TO GET TO SNOOPY CUP STREET, HOW TO GET TO SNOOPY CUP STREET ........ Welcome to My Nightmare, I think your going to like it........Just on the border of your waking mind there lies another time, where darkness and light are ONE. And as you tread the halls of sanity, you feel so glad to go be unable to go beyond. I have a message from another time......."

We are the Bad Boys and Girls of Backgammon .... We give the game a bad name !!!

Newcomer Peter Swartwout crowned champion of Snoopy Cup XXXI.


Changes are coming!!!! Ch-cha-cha-changes are definitely coming .


NEXT UP : SNOOPY CUP XXXI (31) on Saturday August 31st, 2019


SNOOPY CUP STREET Update for Thursday May 23, 2019


Newcomer, Peter Swartwout takes home the the 30th (2018) Anniversary Snoopy Cup title.beating John Adams. He used three consecutive double rolls to win.


Meet your newest first time ever, 2017 Snoopy Cup XXIX Champion, Trevor Rushman It is also the first father/son champions. Jonas, his father, won the Cup ten years ago in 2007. Trevor also went unbeaten. He beat a former champion, Justin Betz in the championship game. Congratulations Trevor!


Snoopy Cup XXVIII (28), the Cup that almost didn't happen was slogged out and won by Ronny "The Bridesmaid" Moorman beat out relevant newcomer, Rick "Ace Is The Place" Gregory to win the coveted hardware. It was Ronny's fourth trip to the title game and proved to finally be one he needed.

Snoopy Cup XXVIII almost didn't happen. The Cup was missing as late as it ever has been. His Royal Highness actually had pulled the plug despite the efforts his Queen and the Royal Jester pleading against it's demise. Thank the Good Lord, a certain discovered it in his trunk after claiming it was lost.

Snoopy Cup XXIX will take place on Saturday September 2, 2017 despite an attempt by the nWbo to level the neighborhood.


Snoopy Cup XXVII was a day of deliverance, retribution, and another three time champion was crowned. Mark "Mez" Florian became the fourth SC Champion to win the hardware three times joining Neal Brunette, Ray Moorman and rish Snyder. Mez stayed in the winner's bracket all the way to the title before Loser bracket winner, "Bridesmaid" Ron Moorman nicked him to force a true championship. In the title brawl, Mez proved too much for Ronny. Ron got to the title game by defeating "Rookie of the Year" Rick "Ace" Gregory in the loser's bracket championship. In a valiant return to Snoopy Cup, Fathy "Dr. Detroit" Ishac finished fourth and 13 year old Dom Grailia finished fifth.

SC 27, saw the return of garden gnome, Hank Royal. Hank had been abducted by a terrorist cell called "The Disciples of JB" last October during the AL Playoffs. Apparently, Hank, during his captivity was able to set up a Facebook page and post photos and an occasional update. His owner, nWbo President Roger Moorman vowed "The Wells report" will bring his abductors and conspirators to justice. Meanwhile, he poisoned Joe "Mav" Marek, who ended up in a hospital in the ICU near death. Marek did recover. Marek announced the end of the "Backgammon Yearly Magazine" earlier in the day at Snoopy Cup. The only black note on the tourney was the stealing of the championship shirt. The nWbo has been blamed for this as well.

Attendance at SC27 saw new faces and some old faces. A heavy thunderstorm midway through the tourney caused a 40 minute rain delay. The grounds crew were able to get the tourney back up and running. Hosts, Da'King, Neal and Da'Queen Carmen Brunette were able to pull off another lovely and successful tournament. Thank you Carmen and Neal!!!

Attendees : Neal, Carmen, Ghost, Mav, Roger, Ronny, Cathy, Trish, Frank, Kelly, Buddy, Rose, Quentin, Dom, Cole, Shane, Dan, Brianna, Dr. Detroit, Andrew & Karly, Justin, Rick & Jennifer, Matt, Olivia, Mez, Tip & Jan, Jonas, Alex, Mikey, Smoky McGee, Rich M, Jeff, Cyndi, and many others.


SNOOPY CUP XXVI is rapidly approaching us. Less than three (3) months I dare say. Looking forward to seeing all of yinz very soon. Meanwhile, it has been rather quiet on the Cup front. WASSAMATTAYOU? Other than the King and Queen galavanting around the country. The Princesses hiding at home. Roger posting clueless videos. And Skippy graduating from college. WTF!!! I know we are getting older, but we're not in rocking chairs yet!!!!

Meanwhile, back at the Ranchero, a rookie claimed the title as Snoopy Cup and USBAA Champion of the Silver Anniversary. Justin "Case" Betz took the Cup and the cash home when he defeated the King Neal Brunette in the one game title match. Justin came out of the winner's bracket and Neal out of the loser's bracket.

A bunch of really young "hoodlums" played in this past year's Cup, Dom Gralia and Cole Moorman faired well in their matches. Great friends from our past showed up. Myra and Erskine made a special appearance. Micheal Myers made a forced appearance only to reveal that Uncle Roger treats his nephew, Matt poorly. Making him drive down from Clarion and having to tow his truck home because it broke down.

SNOOPY CUP XXIII was one of the biggest events in USBAA history coming on the "EVE of DESTRUCTION". Fathy "Dr. Detroit" Ishac, father of the bride, Carmen (not to mention Neal's father-in-law) became the oldest person and ROOKIE to win the CUP. He defeated Trevor (I can't believe I lost twice to a Senior Citizen) Rushman twice to come out of the Loser's Bracket and take home the hardware.

Not only was Snoopy Cup big, it was on the EVE of Neal & Carmen's wedding. Never before in the history of the CUP was an event this big.

Snoopy Cup XXIII was an attempt to breath new life into the old franchise. From our early estimates it has. The new themed Cup gave away 22 gifts ranging from gift cards for food to Catch 22 to a double "D" cup brassiere that was won by one of our youngest players Johnny Marchetti (Nelia's son). The biggest winner was a newcomer to Snoopy Cup, Jeff Greene. Greene out a very upset lasted Mark "Mez" Florian to win SCXXII. Another noticable difference was the quickness of the championship match. Most Cups last well into the evening. However, this Cup became the quickest in it's fabled history when it ended at 7:38 PM EDT

It was a sad start to Snoopy Cup XXIII. We lost a dear friend in Jeff Berlingeri. Jeff passed away just a few days before this event. He had a brain aneurysm. Also among SC friends lost this summer - Mrs. Olive Joan Marek who truly loved her visits to the Cup passed away in June. Olive was Joe Mav's mother. Also, passing away, was Frank and Buddy Craker's dad, Buzz!!! They will be truly missed. God Bless them and their families!!!

Kerry Luce won Snoopy Cup XXII. Carmen Webb won Fall Brawl 1

Hello everyone! Snoopy Cup 17 Champion Mike McGee is battling for hi life in Allegheny General Hospital. According to Jonas, Mike has contracted some disease that the doctors are having a very hard time diagnosing and treating. The disease has left him almost paralyzed and om a ventilator to help him breath. Please keep him and his wife, Carol, in your prayers (6/23/09)

Well in a lighter note, Snoopy Cup 21 is less than 3 months away. It has been a long off-season and hopefully we can look forward to a great turnout on Labor Day weekend. Hope to see you there.

War In the Woods 12 has become War Without The Woods 12 (or as Carmen called it "Gammon In The Garage". It was won by (Where In The World Is) Carmen "Elecktra" Webb.


Mighty Mohammad Mark "Mez" Florian defeated defending Snoopy Cup champion, Jonas Rushman twice (once in title game and also in the winner's bracket title game) to win Snoopy Cup XX. For Mez, it was his second cup title. He had also won it in 2000 (SCXII). Jagged Lil' Jill Gallagher and her hubby, Brian finished both in the Top 5. Jill finished third, her highest ever SC finish.

This year's event historical 20th anniversary tournament drew one of it's largest crowds ever. Neal & Carmen, Ron & Cathy, Lanky & Lori, Roger, Mez & Kathy, Jack & Anna, Mav & Kelley, Vera, Shane, Jonas & Nelia, Paulie, Ghost, Cyndy, Lonnie, Gary Aiello, Eric Rosza, Smokin' Mike, Trevor & girl friend, Jagged Lil' Jill & Brian, Trish, Tip & Jan, Mikey Brown, Dave Hall, Dave & Betty, Skippy & Spike Moorman and their puppy, Frankie C. and his lady, Pasta and his girl friend, the Brunette Boys (Jake, Jimmy & his family, and Sammy), Patty B, Mrs. Betty B., Pop Marek, Zeus and Phoebe.

Notable MIA's included : Peggy Lipton, Myra & Erskine, Hoot, Kevin Cosgrove, Rose Moorman, Stan & Belinda, Occifer Shawn & Buffy-Jody, the entire Lovely Lennon Family, Gary B.

Hello again everyone! SCXX is about a month away and we're gearing up for the best ever tournament. Despite rumors, the King is not dead nor has he taken a Queen (as of yet, but who knows). I hope you enjoyed the great video I embedded on the site. I hope you got a good chuckle. Keep checking back here often as I will be updating the site soon with pertinent SCXX news and upcoming events. We hope all of you will be attending this year's 20th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Snoopy Cup. Neal, Carmen, and my self are working on many great things. Including a newly renovated and improved USBAA Ranchero venue. Hope to hear and see from you real soon.

Hello everybody !!! I just wanted to say "HI" to all of you. Well folks, this is the 20th anniversary year of the Snoopy Cup. We are planning the greatest celebration in Snoopy Cup and USBAA history. As part of the celebration we are asking all our past Snoopy Cup participants to make this the year to come back "HOME". We would also love to hear some of your Snoopy Cup memories. Please send me your memories via my email address.

As you know, Snoopy Cup started as a match between Neal and Ghost all the way back in 1989. In 1990, it expanded into the tournament that we all know today. I have been to all these tournaments and truly looking forward to this year's ULTIMATE celebration the most. If any of you have photos of Snoopy Cup's past please email them to me. I would appreciate your help.

As for the celebration at hand, I am hoping to get Kevin Cosgrove, Mikey "Hoot" Madonna, Greg "The Aussie" and his brother, the Lovely Lennon Family, and Myra and Erskine back into the fold. If any of you see them or hear from them. Let them know we're looking for them and keeping our fingers crossed they can spare some time in their busy lives to come back home for the Labor Day weekend.

Stay tuned here on Snoopy Cup Street Homepage for all your Snoopy Cup Celebration news and information.


BTW, The Pittsburgh Backgammon Championships will be held at the Holiday Inn Pittsburgh Airport on Friday March 28th through Sunday March 30th. Neal, Lanky and Carmen will be attending this tournament. Here is a link to a pdf version of the brochure containing information on the tournament.

Pittsburgh Backgammon Championships:A PDF file version of the brochure for the March 28th thru March 30th tourney

Well another year of USBAA action is over. Jonas Rushman became the first player in USBAA history to win both major titles in the same year. Rushman beat up Paulie "Sister" Christian. Rushman stormed through the winner's bracket to meet Christian in the title game. Christian beat JR in the first game in the double elimination. JR then beat Christian to win it.

The WITW 11 roster included : Neal, Paul, Trish, Mikey B., Jonas & Nelia, Trevor, Cyndy, Mav & Kelley, Roger, Carmen, Heather, Alex, Peggy Lipton, Pasta, Betty and Dave.

No details were given for Saturday night after I left around 6 PM. However the Fall Brawl was nothing short of a great time.

Well it's almost here again folks. WAR IN THE WOODS 11 is just about a week away. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be attending it. In the meantime, I posted a couple of new photos for all of you to look at. In one photo, our newly crowned SCXIX champion, Jonas poses with the long missing Cup and his son, Trevor and daughter, Heather. In the other photo, Jagged Lil' Jill and Trish pose for the BYM photographer.

Well I hope to see you all in the mountains next Friday. Until then, take care and God Bless you all.

Good morning everybody ! Just back home from Moon Township and Snoopy Cup XIX. It was a great weekend home, so glad to see all of those who attended. The big news out of this year's tournament was Jonas Rushman winning the Holy Grail of the USBAA, The Snoopy Cup. He held off a beavey of newcomers and wantabes to nail down his first Major Belt. He played Pat (a first time participant at SC) for the title. It was a close battle, but JR held on and stayed unbeaten. Congratulations Jonas !!!! I will have more details in future updates, including the upcoming War In The Woods 11 at Seven Springs.

In other news related to the Cup, heavy security proved dilligent in keeping the Cup from disappearing this year. Locked in Zeus's kennel kept at least one abduction attempt at bay. No one could master a way of getting the lock open, nor the kennel out of the USBAA HQ's basement.

There were a lot of new faces at SC XIX, including Lanky's friend, Pat. Joe Mav's nephew, Shane. Shane made his debut and while he got thrashed in both his losses, he managed to upset and eliminate a former SC Champ, Mez Florian. Brian Gallagher, Jagged Lil Jill's new hubby also played. Last year's rookie of the year, Johnny Marchetti, apparently was distracted as he went two and out. Former nWbo President, Roger Moorman, faired well this year as he finished third. Neal's friend, Carmen "Electra" Webb and her son, also played in their first Snoopy Cup. Carmen is a pro player who recently won the 2007 Ohio State Backgammon Championship in the advanced division in Cleveland, OH. Needless to say, being a pro doesn't mean you can take home a Cup.

We had some big names that decided not to play this year. Dave Hall sat out the tournament in protest. He says until the tourney can be made to move faster. He will not play. Interesting note, the new SC Champion was named by 9:15 PM. Which is one of the earliest ever conclusions at SC. Dave "Ghost" Pitaro, decided Pitt Football took precedent over this year's tourney. Rose Moorman again sat out the Cup. Other missing people included Jack and Anna and Myra and Erskine.

Well hello everyone !!! SC XIX is here !!! The event we all wait for every year is upon us. The Snoopy Cup, which was believed it would be cancelled, is set to tee off with the SC Annual Semi-Formal Social Gala Mixer and Poker game on Friday night at 6 PM. The usual band of misfits will be there. The Annual Human Sacrifice will be about midnight, this year's guest sacrifice will be an effigy of Mike "Hoot" Madonna. Also, early registrations and side betting will take place. You can also probably catch a couple of "QUICKIES" that will probably already in progress.

On Saturday, last minute registrations will be held right up until the ceremonial first toss which is set for approximately, 2 PM. The will be plenty of food, drink, riff-raff, and debauchery there. Just make sure to bring your appetite for fun and destruction. Just remember, you don't need to play to win. Proceeds from this event always go to the winner.

BTW, this just announced, the 11th edition of WAR IN THE WOODS will be held at the SWISS CABIN at SEVEN SPRINGS MOUNTAIN RESORT beginning Friday October 19th through the 21st. Look for a great crowd and FALL FEST.

I have been informed by USBAA "Prez-For-Life" Neal Brunette that the "Snoopy Cup" was returned to the USBAA HQ's, The Brunette Ranchero, on Sunday. The Cup was delivered by an unidentified woman to Neal's mother, Betty. It was in a box and wrapped in a pancho. Betty could not identify the woman, she said it was someone she had never seen before. She handed Betty the box and said Neal would know what to do with it.

This morning at 10:30 AM EDT (7/16/07), Neal issued this USBAA statement release " I am very happy to say the Cup is back home and doing well, no worse for wear. I again reiterate that we are NOT going to search for and prosecute the abductors. We are more content that the Cup is back and safe. We are making preparations to have the Cup cleaned and updated. Also, I am very happy to announce that we are reinstating our plans to hold Snoopy Cup XIX as planned on Saturday September 1st." " I also want to thank all of you who showed concern and helped up retrieve the Cup safely. I especially want to thank Joe "Mav" Marek for his efforts in sending out the letters and emails and phone calls to help locate and retrieve our Holy Grail." proclaimed Brunette.

I am very happy myself to report this information and I am putting the final touches on this year's invitations for Neal. I am glad I was able to shake the trees hard enough to shake the Cup's abductors out and have them return it. Again, I will protect the identity of these people as promised. Even though, I am clueless to the voice I heard on the phone.

The Show must go on !!! Hope to see you all on September 1st, Be there ALOHA !!!!

PS - Just a note to the nWbo, no you didn't take the Cup, Roger. Thanks for your concern though. We're still keeping our eye on your organization.

On Saturday July 7th at the famed and fabled home of the Sick Units and houseman, the Holiday Inn Pittsburgh Airport, USBAA member and former HIA Housman, Jonas Rushman tied the knot with Nelia Marchetti. In front of a standing room only crowd in Galleries A-C. They went through their wedding vowels. Afterwards, a grand reception was held in the rest of the Ballroom.

In what may have only been a coincidence, the USBAA contingient was forced to be seated in the infamous "Gallery G". On hand for this great event, (which may be the last time in 2007 and maybe even quite a longer time that the USBAA will amass this kind of turnout due to the missing Cup and the pending cancellation of Snoopy Cup) were Mav, Kelley, Neal, Mez, Kathy, Ron, Cathy, Roger, Rose, Ray, Lori, Jack, Anna, BBQ Bob, Mike McGee, Betty, Dave, Trevor, Mikey Brown, Jonas, and Nelia.

The food was outstanding, from the Filet Mignon to the Chocolate fountain. The reception went from 5 PM to 11 PM. One highlight was Neal and Jack's dance with the groom.

On Saturday November 25th, Mark "Mez" Florian and Kathy Brown tied the knot in the Mount Pleasant Area. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this great event. But I heard it was the social event of the season, second only to Snoopy Cup XVIII.

War In The Woods 10 went off in it's grand fashion and unusual style. Unfortunately, due to prior commitments, I was unable to attend the tenth anniversary of this great event. Roger Moorman won his first major USBAA title

High Again Everybody !!! Of course you're not !!! Welcome to the late winter Snoopy Cup Street Update. No word on a possible date for Battle For The Mountain 3. King Neal has been constipating and procrastinating on it for a while. Meanwhile, his Royal Highness and cronie sidekick, Lanky recently participated in the Pittsburgh Backgammon Tournament (PBT) held on February 16-18 at the former home of Joe Mav, the Holiday Inn Pittsburgh Airport. Neal played in the advanced tourney and Lanky in the novice. Neal won three matches and lost three. Lanky, who is inept to knowing the score, lost all three of his matches. One because he didn't know the score and actually forfeited a 4-4 match.

Snoopy Cup XIX is set again for Labor Day weekend. Saturday September 1st at 2:00 PM is opening toss. The SC XIX Pre-game Semiformal Gala Social Mixer and Poker Game will be held on Friday August 31 at 6:00 PM.

Welcome one, welcome all ! His High and on his Holy Horse Worshipfulness has summoned yinz to the TAJ BRUNETTE in the Valley of Nirvana. It is time to cleanse your holes .... oops ... he meant souls at the 18th rendition of the passing of the Cup .... SNOOPY CUP that is. Join him and his High Preists and CheapMonks for a weekend of misguidance and unbridled pleasures and passions. (Reading romance novels can give you these fancy words)

It was a typo on the invite but this is SCXVIII, not SCXVII.

We look for you as always on Labor Day weekend. Snoopy Cup 18 begins at 2:00 PM on Saturday September 2nd. Be there, ALOHA !!!!!

KING NEAL MEDITATING FOR WISDOM (or a better night in the sack)

(Photo courtesy of Jonas/Nelia Productions)

Hi everyone, sorry for the late update to Snoopy Cup XVIII. Kerry Luce won his second SC title knocking out King Neal in the championship title. War In The Woods 10th Anniversary is set for this coming weekend at the SWISS Cabin in Seven Springs. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend it due to personal matters and the arrival of our two new Pekingese puppies, Mickey and Minnie. Hope y'all have a great time.

Battle For The Mountain II was a huge success. Nelia Marchetti won her first title by beating Mez Florian. Dave Pitaro won the Blitz tournament for a departed Roger Moorman. Those in attendance included Neal, Mez, Paulie, Mav, Jonas, Nelia, Trevor, Cristy, Dave Hall, Mikey Brown, Roger and Rose Moorman, Ghost, and BBQ Bob. Dave and Betty Lubon made a guest appearance on Saturday.

Jonas again cooked breakfast. Mez, Dave Hall, and Nelia brought along some potent edibles. BBQ Bob, Jonas, Dave, and Betty entertained the troops on Saturday evening playing some great music on guitars and bass. The weather may have sucked with all the rain at Seven Springs, but it did not damper the spirits. Trevor got shut out at the lodge lounge on Friday night. Mez got "lost" at the lodge until Bette and Dave found him.

Hi everybody ! Just a quick note, the USBAA Prez-For-Life Neal Brunette has come up with the tentative (actually etched in stone) dates for BATTLE FOR THE MOUNTAIN II. It is set for the weekend after Easter. April 21-22-23 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort at the Tyrol Chalets. His Royal Ignorance constipated and meditated on these plans for BATTLE FOR THE MOUNTAIN II for quite a while. Considering the tremendous success from last year's spring visit to Seven Springs. The "KING" feels it is only fair to see what interest would be for this spring.

SNOOPY CUP STREET (sang to Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street)

Windin' your way down on Snoopy Cup Street

Light in your head and dead on your feet

Well another crazy day

You'll drink the night away

And forget about everything

This windy mountain makes you feel so cold.

It's got so many morons and it's got too much soul

And it's taking you so long

To find out you were wrong

When you thought it had everything

You used to think that it was so easy

You used to say that it was so easy

But you're tryin'

You're tryin' now

Another year and then you'll be happy

Just one more year and then you'll be happy

But you're dyin'

You're dyin' now

Way down the street there's a lad in his place

He opens the door he's got that look on his face

And he asks you where you've been

You tell him who you've seen

And you talk about anything

He's got this dream about buyin' some land

He's never gonna give up the booze or the one night stands

And then he'll settle down there's a quiet little town

And forget about everything

But you know he'll always keep movin'

You know he's never gonna stop movin'

Cus he's rollin'

He's the rollin' stone

And when you wake up it's a new mornin'

The sun is shinin' it's a new morning

You're goin'

You're goin' home.


Mark "Mez" Florian won his second WITW title going unbeaten. Mez trashed the Mountain gang in record setting pace. Dave Hall finished second. Roger Moorman won the WITW Quickie.


Mike McGee, a friend of J.R.'s and only in his second year of SC play, smoked his way over defending SC16 Champ, Paul "Sister" Christian to win Snoopy Cup 17. The cigar chain smoking phenom puffed his way (and choked several others) in the winner's bracket. McGee also claimed second place in the first ever Quickies matches. Snoopy Cup 17 had extraordinary weather and brought out a great crowd.

In attendence at this year's shindig brought in Neal, Paulie, Mez and Kathy B., Lanky and Lori (Skippy and Spike), Ghost, Dave Hall, Lonnie, Trish, Jill, Mav & Kelley, Jonas & Nelia, Roger & Rose (Cole and Carly), Ronny & Cathy, Peggy Lipton, Tip & his ol'lady Jan, Mike McGee, Myra & Erskine, Jack & Anna, Jeff, Pasta, Trevor, Vera, Shane, Pop Marek, Chef Gary, Mikey Brown, Patty B., Jimmy B. and Anthony, Sammy B., Mr. & Mrs. Trish. Plus a cameo by Horny Warny.

Notable MIA's included : Occifer Shaun and Buffy/Jody, Magoo, Frank and Sandy, Stan and Belinda, Greg "Lipton", Ogre and Kerry.

Jack and Anna brought us a case of the crabs (Maryland kind) and quickly set up a shell game. Chef Gary B. provided the flame work to the burgers and dogs.


A new chapter began when the USBAA debuted "BATTLE FOR THE MOUNTAIN I" at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in April. Friday April 22nd thru Sunday April 24th were the dates as the USBAA invaded Seven Springs for the second time in less than seven months. It seemed to work out well and helped resolve the long wait between WITW and Snoopy Cup was way too long. So the USBAA Prez For Life Neal Brunette and his band of cronies descended on Seven Springs with counterpart to WITW. Some of the BATTLE I attendees included Jonas and his girl friend Nelia, Mike Brown, Mez, Paulie, Roger, Ghost, Trevor, Neal, and a few special guest appearances.

We have had a lot of interest and early appreciation for this event. It should be a stellar as WITW.


Neal will be attending another out of town tournament. Seems the boy can't get enough. On Friday July 1st he is flying to Detroit, Michigan for another tournament. Just what Detroit needs !!!!

Neal attended the PITTSBURGH BACKGAMMON OPEN in February. It was the first time a memeber of the USBAA had competed in a foreign event. Neal and Sister Christian (Paulie) plan on attending another foreign event on April 8-9-10 in Cleveland, OHIO. Good Luck guys !!!!

The Annual March Madness/USBAA Spring Board meeting was held at Butya's in Robinson Township on Thursday March 17th. Neal, Ghost, Mav, Gary, Lanky, Roger, Ronny, and Jeff were on hand to toss back a few brews anbd discuss the NCAA First Round games via sattelite.


Well another War In The Woods has been put on the shelf. "Halloween" star and actor Michael Myers defeated Mez to win his first ever major belt, WITW 8. Myers, through his manager and interpretor, Roger Moorman, intimidated his opponents one by one. Myers beat Ronnie Moorman in the winners bracket and waited with baited breath for Mez to knock out Ronnie in the loser's bracket. Mez, who was the first ever "Woods" winner, was no match for the mass murderer.

Despite a low turnout, WITW 8 became a pretty memorable event. Neal, Mez, Mav, Jonas, Mike, Ghost, Trevor, Stan & Linda, Dave H., Paulie, and Jeff held down the SWISS on the Friday night. The Big WITW Poker Brawl netted a few big chip winners. On Saturday, Ron, Roger, Jack and Anna, Rose, Jill, and Pasta made their way up to the mountains.

Neal's "trip" and stroll into the quicksand on Friday night launched night one. By night two, he was reduced to getting "tossed" for one of the resort's bars only to reappear through a back door and then to a fetal position on the SWISS floor.

On Sunday morning, a concensous was taken in regards to the talk of a spring version of WITW. The vote was a resounding "YES". USBAA Prez-For-Life, Neal Brunette, says he will check for availability and possibilies for in April of 2005. Looks like every weekend in that month is open, as Easter falls on March 27th, 2005. This would break up the long wait in between USBAA tournaments. Also on Sunday, Neal, Paul, Mez, Jonas, Trevor,and Mav capped off the Woods witha post tourney lunch at Smokey Bones in Robinson Twp.

Well, War In The Woods 8 starts and the hype has hit the streets. Weather in the mountains is scheduled to be a bit cloudy with temps in the mid to upper 50's most of the weekend. Maybe some showers moving in on Sunday. I have heard the caravan from Moon will start at the USBAA HQ's "Brunette Ranchero" at noonish this morning (Friday). A lot of the boyz and gurls are scheduled to join the crowd on Friday and Saturday. This will be the last website update until Monday night or Tuesday.

This year's event is shaping up to be another great weekend in the Laurel Mountains of Western Pennsylvania. A lot of the big names in the USBAA are expected claims Prez-For-Life Neal Brunette. The party begins on Friday October 22nd at the Swiss Cabin at Seven Springs Mountain Resort and winds up on Sunday. Saturday October 23rd is the actual tourney beging around 2:00 PM. Lots of food, refreshments, things to do, and fun for all. We hope you can make it. Unfortunately, the defending WITW champion, Kerry Luce is not going to be able to defend the MICHAEL MEYERS TROPHY he barely won last year defeating Jonas Rushman. Rushman is our pick to win it this year. However, Diamond Dave Hall will have some say in that. Another WITW Champ, Joe "Mav" Marek will probably also be MIA due to health. He is list as questionable.

Some notables that have made some kind of commitment to be there include : Neal, Paul, Mez, Ghost, Jonas, Trevor, Dave Hall, Jeff B., Jagged Lil'Jill and her beau Brian, Jack and Anna, Roger, Ronny, Greg and Peggy Lipton, Stan Belinda and wife, Frank and Jan. We also figure Nicky and his wife to visit. Not committed, but wouldn't be surprised if they showed : Joe Mav, Lanky, Gary B and Patty, Rose, Cathy, Kathy B., Tip and his old lady, Occifer Shaun and Buffy/Jody, and Pasta. Definitely out : Kerry, Trish, Lonnie, Myra and Erskine.

Just a reminder !!! Some notes about accomodations and what have you :

Accommodations. Most people know this is a large cabin with bunk beds. Bunk space is limited. Basically commune living. Price per night is determined by number of total people who stay there one or two nights divided by the cost of the SWISS cabin. Price is usually around $20 to $30 per night per person. That is why the more the merrier. Remember to bring your own pillows / blankies / sheets / sleeping baggies if you want. We recommend pillows and blankets for sure. The resort does provide everything BUT .... most people like their own (if ya know what I mean). The RESORT also provides linen service daily with fresh towels and wash clothes. Some people bring their own. Toiletries are not provided ( the resort does give give you the micro bars of soap). We suggest you bring your own.

Food. Most everybody brings something. Snacks (chips, cakes, cookies, crackers), Covered dishes( fried chicken, baked beans, hamburger, hot dogs to name a few things), Breads (buns, rolls, sandwich), Salads (fruit, Taco, potato), condiments (ketshup, mustard, mayo, salt, pepper, relish, onions, pickles), Beverages (Soda pop, beer, bottled water, wine, and booze). Please contact Neal Brunette to find out what you should or can bring. One note, bring your own cooler with ice. Refrigerator space is at a premium.

Tourney entrance fee is just like Snoopy Cup, it is $5.00


Well put it in the books !!!! SC16 is over. The Cup was returned unharmed and the new champ Paul Christian won his first ever title over a very tough Peggy Lipton. Neal, Tip and his old lady, Jan, Trish, Mez, Mav, Greg and Peggy L., Stan and Belinda, Ron and Cathy, Kathy B, Mikey B., Dave Hall, Ghost, Lanky and Lori, Skippy and Spike, Myra and Erskine (and daughter and grand daughter), Gary, Jonas, BBQ Bob, Trevor, Ray Bosetti, Vera and Shane, Pop Marek, Betty B., Paul, Mike, Jack and Anna, Frank and Sandy, Jagged Lil' Jill and Brian, Jeff, and Kelley. The Guinea Pig and Mexican Rat also made an appearance.

A lot of big names came up MIA. Rose and Roger, Kerry, Pasta, Occifer Shaun amd Buffy/Jody, John Lennon and the Lovely Lennons. Plus the cast of usual MIA's.

Well folks it is almost that time of year again. The invitation is heading to the USBAA HQ's in Lovely Moon Township as I speak. With his approval, our fearless Leader, USBAA Prez-For-Life Neal Brunette, should start sending those rascals out with in the next couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy them. Click here to see and download this years' SC16 invitation

Snoopy Cup 16:SC16 invitation

Hi Y'all ! With less than 72 hours left to the opening toss of the dice at Snoopy Cup 16, the big question is "Where is the Cup ? " A lot of fingers have been pointed. Pictures of the Cup were last sent in January. Defending SC15 Champion, Ray "Lanky" Moorman wants his year with the Cup. USBAA Prez-For-Life, Neal Brunette says that SC16 will continue on without the Cup. He also said, "The Spirit of the Cup will carry on."

Meanwhile, several USBAA members have already made the announcement they will be unable to attend this year's tournament. Most notable, SC3 Champion and defending WITW7 Champion, Kerry Luse will be unable to make it. Also, BABE, the PIG, will be absent from the menu. We are not sure why it has been removed, but rumors swirling the BBQ pit claim that Al-Qaida members don't like pork and we didn't want to discriminate. Another rumor has claimed Roger and SC14 Champion, Rose Moorman will not be there. No reason why, but some speculate that thier manager, Cole Moorman, was holding out for a more lucrative deal.

The USBAA announced that War In The Woods 8 will be again held at the beautiful mountain resort of Seven Springs. The dates set for this tournament are Friday October 22 thru Sunday October 24, 2004 at the Swiss Cabin. Last year was a huge success. We reached an all-time high in attendance despite a lot of MIA's.


Hi everybody, WAR IN THE WOODS 7 is now in the history books. Kerry Luce's win over a resilient Jonas Rushman gives him his first major title since 1991 when he won SC 3. Luce fighting off a drunk stupor or jet lag or both barely stayed awake long enough to win it all and recieve the MICHAEL MEYER's DOLL TROPHY which will now be the OFFICIAL TROPHY (for the time being) of WITW. All the past WITW Champions, including defending champ Dave Hall, were on hand with the blaring exception of Ron "Where Am I At" Moorman.

The SWISS cabin was at full tilt during the weekend : Neal, Ghost, Mav, Mez, Mr. Hall, Jonas, Paulie, Kerry, Stan and his wife, Nicky and his wife, Occifer Shaun and wife, Jody (Buffy) and Sandy (Frank's girlfriend) were on hand opening night. Joining them on Saturday were : Roger, Rose, Jagged Lil' Jill, Jack and Anna, Peggy Lipton and her husband Greg, Gary Brunette and wife, Patty, Pasta, Frank, and Kathy Brown. Missing in Action included Queen Cathy and Ronny, Myra and Erskine, Lanky, and Tipster and his old lady.

Plenty of great food found it's way into the mountain hideout. Noted Breakfast Chef Jonas Rushman flipped a load of omelets on Saturday morning. He also brought some great lasagna and homemade garlic bread. Nicky brought along some great veggies and assorted meats. Mav's wife Kelley, not only toted Mav up the Mountain, she cooked up two days worth of meatballs and keilbasa in marinara sauce and brought up a ton of rolls and some homemade chocolate chip cookies. Mav's father in law, Byron, contributed two gallons of chili. Gary B brought up pizza. Jack and Anna brought up a load of Oriental wings. Kerry whipped up some pork and sauerkraut. Neal's mom, Betty, sent along some italian pasta soup. Peggy Lipton made some canoli/lady lockes dessert. There was also a ton of other things including chips, hot dogs, and of course beer and booze. Notably, some Belgian Casteel found it's way up there. Samuel Adam's Cherry Wheat, Penn Dark, Old Chesterfield. Also assorted Bud Light, Rolling Rock, Coors Light, and a keg were on hand.

A lot of troops made their way up to the main lodge both nights. The Random Brothers were playing the lounge upstairs. A great mix of music and comedy with this duo. The Matterhorn had The Hollidays. Jonas and Pasta played some guitar at the cabin.

Some of the boys took to chasing around some jailbait on Friday night. On Saturday night, they tried to burn down the SWISS and surrounding vincinity with a bon fire outside the cabin door. Some looked to get rid of a Winnebago camper that blocked the driveway so the shuttle bus couldn't pick us at the door of the SWISS. We had a real transportation problem also. The shuttle service despite great tipping was infrequent and slow and would only pick us up at the end of the long driveway.

The craft show was a good time on Saturday, along with the antique car cruise. Weather was good fall weather. Despite the rain on Friday (which cleared out in the early evening). Saturday and Sunday were beautiful autumn days with sunshine and a little chill in the air. If you didn't make it up here, shame on you !!!!


Snoopy Cup 15 is now in the history books. Ray "Lanky" Moorman outlasted a hot Lonnie Mickely to win his third Cup. Lanky beat Mickely in their first match of SC15. Mickely then stormed through the loser's bracket to beat the Tip in the loser's bracket championship. Mickely then met Lanky in the title game. The Geritol Colonel trashed Lanky to force another title game. Mickely appeared to run out of Geritol however. Tip finished a strong third as he battered his way to his best SC ever. The Outlaw Ramblin' Rose Moorman, the dedending SC14 champ, went two and out this year. Joe "Mav" Marek was the collector of the bounty on her head. King Neal Brunette plaed bounties on all the former SC champion's heads. SC15, despite it's smaller attendance (and no Pig or Hot Tub) was a success. One other note, Mod Squad's Peggy Lipton was 2-0 before bowing out of SC15 due to family obligations.

Notable names in attendance : Neal, Ghost, Lanky, Roger, Rose, Cathy M., Ronny, Mav, Mez, Kathy B., Lonnie, Kerry, Tip and his old lady, Trish, Jeff B., Dave Hall, Pasta, Lori, Skippy, Spike, Cole, Micheal and Christopher, Stan Belinda, Paul "Sister" Christian, Gary B., Frank, Magoo, Linda Madonna, Neal's Linda, Ma and Pa Marek including a cameo appearance by Mav's wife, Kelley and a late arriving Jonas and his band (Bob, Betty, and Dave). Notables missing included Jagged Lil' Jill Dempe, ChaChi and Joanie, Occifer Shaun and his wife, Buffy-Jodi, Donna Pitaro, Stacey, Ogre, and usual cast of MIA's.

Bob Evans Restaurant was the official host of Snoopy Cup 15's breakfast club. Trish, Neal, Kelley, Ron and Mav were in attendance at this rainy event.

War In The Woods 7 promises to be a BIG EVENT at Seven Springs Resort on October 17th, 18th, and 19th. The "Swiss" will be the Official Home again this year. A very large turnout is expected this year. Dave Hall is expected to return to defend his title. Remember, advance reservations through Neal are required. Bring a covered dish of some kind. About 30-40 people are expected again this year. Bring a beverage of your liking if you want.

Snoopy Cup has arrived and so are the USBAA and nWbo members. The out-of-towners are packing thier bags, loading their gas tanks, and boarding their flights to the GREATEST BACKGAMMON SPECTACLE ON EARTH. We are already recieving some Snoopy Cup M.I.A.'s. The latest casualities include Jagged Lil' Jill Dempe and Jonas Rushman. However, both do plan on making cameo appearances this weekend but will not compete. Kevin Cosgrove, Kirk and Shannon Roncone, Mike "Hoot" Madonna, Paul "Erich VonZipper" Turner, the Disbanded Lovely Lennon Family and The Reformed and religious Aussie and his sidekick brother, aka. Menudo Rice/Wannabombatlanta have all been officially placed on the DEAD LIST.

Festivities are set to begin Friday at 6:00 PM and last throught the evening with THE SC15 PreGame SemiFormal Social Mixer Gala and Poker Game. Then on Saturday, SC15 takes to the stage with opening ceremonies and first official DIE Toss at 2:00 PM. Last minute registration starts at 1:00 PM. Hurry down and don't be late. Be there ALOHA !!!!


Hi everyone, be the first on your block to have the first chance to see and fill out the the SNOOPY CUP 15 Questionnaire/Application (Not even Neal has seen this). You can view and print it out by clicking on this handy link : (you must have Acrobat Read 4.0 downloaded in your system)

SC15 Invitation Teaser: Snoopy Cup 15 questionnaire

After you download and print it. Fill it out and mail it, fax it, or email it to Joe "Mav" Marek :

1022 Mulberry Street - Upland, PA - 19015-3044

or fax it to : NHM Publications % Kelley Royer-Marek (215) 937-5349

Hi again everyone, Snoopy Cup 15 is only one month away and invitations are still not mailed. Rose Moorman looks to defend SC14 title. Strange rumours circulating out of Philly say Joe "Mav" Marek might be unable to attend SC15 because of family conflict. More news coming your way as soon as we dig it up.

WITW 6 was a huge success at it's new venue, the Swiss, at Seven Springs. Over 30 "nutz" attended during the course of the 3 day festivities. 15 players actually participated. Dave Hall won the Woods 6 belt defeating Dave "Ghost" Pitaro and Jonas Rushman. Some highlights included a hatch door into the Swiss dungeon, Mez and the Old Lady, Mav's cell phone bill after calling from Myrtle Beach all three days. OUCH !!!!!


Snoopy Cup 14 brought out the largest field to ever participate in backgammon tournament play here. In the end, The Outlaw Rose Moorman continued her hot play in the USBAA as she rolled past Dave "The Ghost" Pitaro in the championship game. She becomes only the THIRD female to win a CUP (Cathy Moorman in '93 and '95, the other and PATRICIA alias " THE AMERICAN IDOL in 1999). Her and Pitaro have been the hottest entities in the past two years. She won WITW 4 beating Ghost. She lost to Ghost in WITW 5. Both are scheduled to be at WITW 6.

SC13 Champion Lonnie Mickely faded away in his bid to repeat. The senior citizen either read his news clippings or his Geritol wore off.

Inquiring minds Department : The Ballad of John and Yoko Case - What happened to Yoko and the kids was the big qustion all weekend. John aka "Cha Chi" showed up with a new Harley and harlet names Joanie. A stunned USBAA crowd wants answers, but we didn't ask.

Ray "Lanky" Moorman and the family were MIA at SC14 ! It was the LANK's first SC miss. In the meantime, Ghost has thrown the challenge gauntlet at Lanky's feet, Will he attend the WITW 6 in October. Or will he pull his usual wussying out. Rumour has it he already is using a bowling league as an excuse. Our suggestion : Go to the mountains, Lanky !!!!

Cole Moorman, son of Roger and the "Outlaw" Rose, has taken over the reins of the nWbo. He denounced his father at SC14 and helped his mother to the title. What more can you expect from a 10 month old.

The player formerly known as "KING", Neal Brunette went two and out at SC14. The only three time champ is fading fast.

The Mighty Mohammad "Dr. Mez" Florian and Kathy Brown look headed for a spring of 2003 wedding according to USBAA sources. The on again/off again relationship has been a popular topic of conversation over the past year.

This year's SC14 participants included : Neal, Lonnie, Roger & Rose with Cole, Ghost, Mez & Kathy, Ron & Cathy with the wild boys, Mav & Kelley, Jonas & Cyndy and friend, Pasta, Jeff, Trish, Jill, Kerry, Tipper and his adopted Mom, Joanie and Cha-chi, Occifer Shaun and his wife, Buffy-Jodi, Magoo, Vera, Deon, Shane, Stan Be/Linda, Linda M., Sister Christian, Neal's Linda, Patch, Rocket J. Dog, and many, many more.

WAR IN THE WOODS 6 is set again for the last week of Seven Spring Resort's AutumnFest. Unforunately, it is not the last week of the month. This year, it is set for Friday October 18 thru Sunday October 20. It is also moving to a bigger venue at the resort. It is being moved to the "SWISS" cabins instead of the Tyrol Chalets. Keep posted here for details.

Terroristic threats were thwarted at SC14 with the higher amount of less security. No Oompa Loompas, Bin Ladens, Abu le Peepees, or Amtracks were seen.

Snoopy Cup 15 is tenatively being set for Saturday August 30, 2003. The Pre-Game Gala semi-formal Social mixer and Poker game is set for Friday August 29, 2003. This is Labor Day Weedend, 2003. Snoopy Cups are always a Labor Day Weekend event, just like Jerry Lewis's Telethon. Don't be a Lanky and miss this one.

Snoopy Cup 14 is only a month away and the looney tunes are already running amuk. USBAA President for Life recieved a hostile threat on Tuesday July 23 thru the US Snail Mail System. The envelope contained a letter threatening CUP reprisals and a strange white powder that was analyzed and turned out to be baby powder. Smash, Cripple, Punch, Maim, and Exploit Laboratories said the investigation has turned up one major lead : Who of the SC regulars has had plenty of access to the Johnson and johnson white stuff. Does Cole Moorman ring a bell in the diaper world.

Some sad news, this Snoopy Cup off-season has been marred with a lot of family losses. Most recently the passings of Marcy Madonna, the mother of Mikey "Hoot" Madonna. Other passings included Kelley Royer-Marek's mom, Vivian Royer. Mez's mother. Jonas's father.

Meanwhile, Ronny " What is my cholestoral level now" Moorman seems to have recovered from his bout with greasy deep fried mozzarella sticks coated arteries. Word has it he even looks good without the tomato sauce and cigarettes.

Mez and Kathy continue their on again/off again/on again traditional relationship. This tennis match love affair will be playing centre court at this year's SC 14.

The Florida and Philly USBAA factions guarentee their presence again at SC 14. Trish, Kerry, Tipster, and new to the Sunshine State, Hoot have expressed their plans to be here. Meanwhile, Mav and Kelley have also pledged attendance. Speaking of Kelley, hopefully her allegedly removed gall bladder will leave her alone.

The Moon Area High School Varsity Baseball team made history by winning the first back-to-back PIAA Class AAA State Baseball Championships. The Tigers defeated Bethlehem-Liberty, 3-2 to claim the 2002 title. Ask Mav to show ya both his gold medals (ping-ping).

Poor Ray Moorman is allegedly doomed to miss SC14 due to a family wedding Warren, Pa. style. The Lankster will have to languish in god-forsaken northern Pennsylvania with the IN-LAWS. Gotta luv them weddin's !!!!

The Doctor is in !!!! Dr. Paul "Sister" Christian will have his couch and note pad ready for this year's cup. He will be performing a Free Shrink Clinic at the Cup both days. We heard his practice recently opened a new office in HOOTER'sville.


War In The Woods 5 is now in the history books at a snowy Seven Springs Resort. It's Halloween weekend and as usual this group did't need masks or costumes claims Ron Moorman. Ghost became only the second person in USBAA history to win both belts (SC and WITW championships). He defeated Kathy Brown to win his first ever WITW title. Roger "Roy" Moorman finished third. A record 20 people attended WITW 5 despite the 3 inches of snow and fear AMTRACKS and Abu LePeePee. Fridays highlight was the early morning assault by Mez armed with a water cannon. He was so drunk he didn't even remember doing it or coming in that night. Some of this years antendees included Neal, Ghost, Mez, Kathy, Dave Hall, Roger, Rose, Jonas, Cyndy, Ron, Nick, Lisa, Pasta, Jack, Anna, Jeff, Myra, and Erskine. Neal finished "OFF" the weekend with a farting tribute to his fellow attendees.


Snoopy Cup 13 went off without a hitch. The weather was perfect. The usual cast of idiots showed up. Lonnie Mickely won the coveted CUP amongst a large but obnoxious crowd. The doused champion sucked Crowne Royale from the cup's metal rim. Lonnie overpowered Neal in the title match.

The seldom INTERNATIONAL did set sail on Thursday March 1st to the Carribean. The four day weekend featured almost all the USBAA muckity mucks including Ron, Cathy, Rose, Roger, Lori, Lanky, Neal, Dave Hall, Mez, Kathy, Trish, Kerry, Tipster and his MOM, and several others. The trip was organized by Queen Cathy .

Once outcasted the estranged Rose Moorman proved her Snoopy Cup 12 second place finish was no fluke. Rose held off Dave" Ghost" Pitaro in the championship game at Seven Springs Resort on October 21st. The win was Rose's first ever title and makes her the first woman to take a "WAR" event. War in the Woods 4 featured a large following including Mez, Kathy, Jonas, Cyndy, Neal, Ghost, Rose, Roger, Pasta, Mav, Frank, Sean, Dave Hall.

Mark "Mez" Florian beat Rose Moorman twice in the championship round of Snoopy Cup 12 to win his first ever SC title. Mez also becomes first player to win both a SC title and a WITW title. Paul "Sister" Christian finished third.

The INTERNATIONAL II was held in Mexican water and Ronny Moorman won. Neal, Ron and Cathy set sail on Sunday January 23rd and the International is underway. Details hopefully soon.

WITW 3- The Highlights

The Jaws Tapes; Neal's rendition .... Trish calls on Friday.... The WITW Clan meets the Stoner Brothers in the Lounge.... More food than you can shake a stick at.... The trip to the lodge.... Ron and Cathy's breakfast cook out ... Ron wins crown .... Neal continues his drinking binge .... Tyrol Chalet #30 turns into ER. .... Mav hospitalized .... Cathy traumatized by fan .... Neal's bloody knee ... Jeff's fall from grace (and the top bunk).... Christopher's trip to the Zoo ... Dr. Neal is in .... Neighbors taunted all weekend .... Mez and Mav's harmonized snoring doubles to aggrevate Dave.

The WITW 3 Attendance Sheet - Neal, Mez, Roger, Rose, Cathy, Ron, Mez, Kathy, Jill, Mav, Chris, Jack, Anna, Dave, Joann, Pasta and friend, and Jeff minus Selina. Cameo appearances by the Costanza Clan and Christopher.

Friday Night.......... Only one Doubles Backgammon Tourney match played Rose and Roger Moorman beat Mav and Trish. All other matches have been scheduled for today. The following attended the Pre-Game Gala - Neal, Mav, Roger, Lanky, Trish, Hoot, Mez, Rose, Allen and family, Pasta, Jonas, Cyndy, Ronny, Ghost and Dave Hall.

Saturday Night.......... Trish Snyder pulls off upset and wins SCXI !!!!!!!!!. The Queen Cathy Costanza -Moorman finished, handing Trish her only loss in the first SCXI championship game forcing another. Rose Moorman, returning after being exiled the year before finished third. The Player Formerly Known As King finished fourth. Paul "Sister" Christian was named SCXI Rookie of the Year. The Pig was a big success, refered to as, BABE 3: PIG IN THE ROASTER, was wolved down at about 5 PM.

The SCXI Guest List - Neal, Mav, Hoot, Lanky, Ghost, Trish, Roger, Rose, Jill, Julie, Kay and hubby LaRocca, Ronny, Cathy, Christopher and Michael, Lori and Skippy & Spike, Mez, Kathy B., Dave Hall, Pasta, Paul "Sister" Christian, Tipster, Jeff and Selina, Shawn, Connie T, Matt "Joe Pesci" T., Connie Del Sardo, Mikey and his harum, The Dilly Clan, Linda Madonna, THe East Coast Deli Crew, The Columbus Connection, Slim Florie, Wild Man Jack and his owner, and a rag tag bunch of others.

Notable MIA's from SCXI - The Aussie and his brother Minuto Rice, Kerry Luce, Erich Von Zipper, Kirk and Shannon Roncone, Kevin Cosgrove, the Real JLJ, Mountain Bob, Magoo, and Rodzilla. Shame on them and to all of you invited that didn't show.


In 1989, Neal Brunette, President-for-Life of the United States Backgammon Athletic Association (USBAA) and Dave "Ghost" Pitaro sat down at the USBAA Brunette Ranchero and played a Best-of-Seven Backgammon Series that became Snoopy Cup 1. The Winner of the match would be President for life.

Since then, a weekend at the end of August or beginning of September has been established as Snoopy Cup Weekend. Ten years ago, Snoopy Cup was officially moved to Labor Day weekend to accomodate our members from around the country and world.

Snoopy Cup, was officially named after Neal's officially deceased dog, Snoopy. ( Not to confused with the Charles Shultz Peanuts cartoon character ). Snoopy Cup has become a Backgammon Extravaganza and now in it's upcoming eighteenth year, Snoopy Cup XXVII is tenatively set up for Saturday September 5th, 2015 with the first dice tossed at 2:00 PM.


1989 (I) - Neal Brunette

1990 (II) - David "The Ghost" Pitaro

1991 (III) - Kerry Luce

1992 (IV) - Raymond "Lanky" Moorman

1993 (V) - Cathy "The Queen" Costanza

1994 (VI) - David "The Ghost" Pitaro

1995 (VII) - Cathy "The Queen" Costanza-Moorman

1996 (VIII) - Neal "The King" Brunette

1997 (IX) - Neal "The King" Brunette

1998 (X) - Raymond "Lanky" Moorman

1999 (XI) - Princess Trish "The American Idol" Snyder

2000 (XII) - Mark "Mighty Mohammad" Dr.Mez Florian

2001 (XIII)- Lonnie " The Senior Citizen" Mickely

2002 (XIV) - The "Outlaw" Ramblin' Rose Moorman

2003 (XV) - Raymond "Lanky" Moorman

2004 (XVI) - Paul "Sister" Christian

2005 (XVII) - Mike "Smokey" McGee

2006 (XVIII) - Kerry Luce

2007 (XIX) - Jonas "J.R." Rushman

2008 (XX) - Mark "Mez" Florian

2009 (XXI) - Kerry Luce

2010 (XXII) - Jeff Greene

2011 (XXIII) - Fathy "Dr.Detroit" Ishac

2012 (XXIV) - Princess Trish Snyder

2013 (XXV) - Justin "Case" Betz

2014 (XXVI) - Princess Trish Snyder

2015 (XXVII) - Mark "Mez" Florian

2016 (XXVIII) - Ron "The Bridesmaid" Moorman

2017 (XXIX) - Trevor Rushman

2018 (XXX) - Peter Swartwout

2019 (XXXI) - Who's next on this Hit Parade


1997 (I) - Mark "Mohammed Mighty Mez" Florie

1998 (II) - Joe "Mav" Marek

1999 (III) - Ronny "Blue Eyes" Moorman

2000 (IV) - Ramblin' Rose Moorman

2001 (V) - David "The Ghost" Pitaro

2002 (VI) - Mr. "Diamond" David Hall

2003 (VII) - Kerry "I barely survived" Luce

2004 (VIII) - Michael Myers and manager, Roger Moorman

2005 (IX) - Mark "Mez" Florian

2006 - (X) - Roger Moorman

2007 - (XI) - Jonas "J.R." Rushman

2008 - (XII) - Carmen "Elecktra" Webb


2009 (1) - Carmen "DaQueen" Webb

2010 (2) - Roger Moorman


2005 (I) - Roger "Hey ! I finally won something" Moorman

2006 (II) - Nelia Marchetti


1999 - Neal Brunette @ Cancun, Mexico

2000 - Ronny "Wasting away in Margaritaville" Moorman @ Mexico

2001 - @ The Carribean - VACANT (no matches played)



Snoopy Cup War In The Woods, and Battle for the Mountain ARE USBAA sanctioned double elimination Backgammon tournaments. The tournaments features pros and amateurs. A $5.00 enterance fee is charged for those wishing to participate for the winner take all pot. Snoopy Cup, WITW and BFTM are EVENTS, food, drink, and merriment await the invited participants.

Snoopy Cup XXX is set for Saturday September 1st, 2018 !!! Be there ALOHA !!!

War Without The Woods is still "LOST"

Battle For The Mountain was cancelled like a NBC drama


Boy, are we glad to announce to you that all you have to do is click the button at the YAHOO! Map button on the bottom of this page and repeat three times "There's no place like home, There's no place like home, there's no place like home !!!

Snoopy Cup Street is brought to you the Letters "G"- Gee we're glad to see you and "H" - Hell were even happier to see you go and "F" and "U" if you don't come to to this year's Snoopy Cup. And by the numbers 16 and 69, number of next Snoopy Cup and our favorite position.

Taxi's Reverend Jim's Beer Prayer(courtesy Jagged Lil' Jilli D)

Our lager,

Which art in barrels,

Hallowed be thy drink.

Thy will be drunk, (I will be drunk),

At home as it is in the tavern.

Give us this day our foamy head,

And forgive us our spillages,

As we forgive those who spill against us.

And lead us not to incarceration,

But deliver us from hangovers.

For thine is the beer, the bitter, the lager.

This page was created in May,1998 and updated 5/23/19 at 1:11 PM. The Dethroned King is ugly and Carmen and his mother dresses him funny ! Snoopy Cup Street is a production of NHM Publications Workshop, a subsidiary of Mav Brothers Inc. 2018

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Mav Brothers Inc.: The UNOFFICIAL Moon H.S. Baseball Home Page
Yahoo Backgammon Online !: Play Backgammon : You against the World
Seven Springs Mountain Resort : Official Site of War In The Woods

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