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Moovin' Memories

Welcome to our website. You are at the home of Moovin' Memories Productions. At Moovin' Memories, we take your digitized photos or scan your paper photos, negatives, and/or slides and create a unique and personal slideshow presentation that will keep your memories alive forever.

All you need to do is pull together all your photographic "memories", your favorite music and we'll do the rest.

We have several very affordable packages to choose from. Give us a call or email us today to talk about the best package that best suits your needs and to see a sample of what we can do to make your memories "MOOOOOOOOVE" !!!

Here are just some of the ideas that we can share with you for the need of having a slideshow :

Anniversaries : Whether it's a wedding anniversary or just the date you and your loved one met.

Birthdays : Be it a newborn's first days, a first birthday, or your loved one's 100th birthday celebration.

Weddings or Engagements

You or your child's athletic team.

Vacations and Honeymoons.

Class or Family Reunions.

High School and College Graduations

Company outings and events.

Retirements or just a Celebration of one's life.

Any Special Occasion that comes to your mind.

If you have the photos and an idea, talk to us!!!